digital native, daria's career is equal-parts practice and dedication, turning emotions into melodies and experiences into songs, and using the technologies of our age to create a community of like-minded voices to sing along. She has a knack for seeing the potential in an app, to use it as a new way to play or make mini music videos, has been known to (literally) break the network of new sites and always finds a way to hack joy and share it with everyone. for daria, all the wifi and wires are just a short-cut to connecting, a big two-way amplifier to have hyper-connected shared experiences that were never possible beforeshe's molding new models based on honesty and fun, because mystery-makes-history is so last millennium.

I think there’s a common misconception about my generation. They’ve painted us with the wrong brush. We’re not selfie-obsessed, we’re introspective. Our front-facing cameras are windows into a deeper self-reflection. We’re like a whole crop of kids with synesthesia. We watch our music. We feel our messages. We hear our dreams echo off the walls of comment-threads. I’m a singer who’s become a speaker, an interactive multi-media artist, producer and ceo. An accidental-innovator, honorary tech-luminary, and drop in a larger ocean of creators who are fans of our friends, friends with our fans, sharing influence and audience to go after dreams bigger than a lifetime.
— Daria Musk
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